1. hmmm .. the research you do while designing these cool devices must be really enjoyable 🙂 .. i was watching one of these shows about relationships where they flash random stats at the bottom of the screen and one of them states that “there are more women in the UK that own vibrators vs. women that own washing machines” , so you are in the right industry there 🙂

  2. That’s a fun fact! Yes the research can definitely get very interesting to say the least. Sometimes we conduct home user testing and you always learn something new from the results. 🙂

  3. Zach

    what kind of jobs are available for mechanical engineers who have a passion for sex toys and design.. it involves vibrations, heat transfer, moving parts… i would really like to get more information and see where it could lead me

  4. Jessica

    First I wanted to thank you for writing this article as a google search doesn’t lead to many results for designing sex toys. Second, I just wanted to ask if you have any advice on how to get into this line of work? I honestly feel a passion to design sex toys that help increase intamacy for gay/lesbian people, older couples, and people who want to re connect.

  5. Matthew

    I am a plastics engineering major at Western Washington University and my career ambition is to work in the sex toy industry. I am still studying and was wondering what your advice would be as to how to pursue my goal. Where should I focus? Who should I talk to? Where should I look?

  6. ruth brabant

    I am actually trying to become a sex toy tester, if you need outgoing truthful opinions on a toy!

  7. Nastii

    Hey, I know it’s an old note, but please gimme a hint: how can you become sex toy designer? 🙂

  8. Nicci

    Hi I see a lot of interest from people who have posted here about getting into the same line of business, which is of course what also led me to your article but I don’t see any replies to the appeals for guidance or information on how to go about achieving this. Please share as I have a great desire to pursue this path myself, Thanks. (a quick email with the info would be awesome)

  9. Hi Nicci,

    Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the slow response. I’ve never been very good about updating my blog (or any of my social media accounts for that matter). Your comment inspires me to do a better job of that. 🙂 I would be happy to provide some guidance on the process. I’m guessing many folks have the same questions, so I’ll write up a blog post answering some of the top questions I’ve heard over the years. Would love to hear your top questions. Feel free to write them in the comments here or if you prefer just email me directly at jesse (at) mikandi.com.


  10. Tiffany lemmon

    I have some very interesting ideas for toys. How do I get my ideas patented and designed

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