1. Jen

    True! There is so much room for innovation and a huge opportunity to corner the market, but the leading brands are too scared to take that risk.

    “Sex Toys” is too much a taboo subject. Once the industry adjusts it’s focus, produces quality products, re-brands, and re-markets (essentially re-invents!) the public perception re: adult products will start to shift from something sleazy to something natural and fun.
    Thankfully, we’ve got you to help us make that step.

    Good post!

  2. MIthuna

    I just stumbled on your article… It’s great! I just bought a rabbit, it was so uncomfortable that with too many buttons that I just gave up on it 🙁 your idea to have a vibe that gets faster as you squeeze it or and the pace gets faster is AWESOME.

  3. Homa Sapiens

    The other thing about the pocket rocket? It’s very inexpensive. Mine cost me 10.00 almost ten years ago.

    And moreover,it’s still buzzing. Yes, it’s ugly. But it’s dependable. Like a Ford Aerostar…

  4. Homa Sapiens

    One more thing, although your rabbit design is sleek, ergonomic and probably incredibly pleasurable– really, really probably OMG– I made myself a promise that I would never buy any toy for my pussy that was in a child’s toy color. No nursery colors, no Barbie pink, no teen fashion colors please. Give me something that celebrates a mature adult orgasmic woman.

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